What we do


    The original idea was to create a space in between those two worlds, the one of the dancer and her earthy and grounded expressions, and the one of the flyer, full of intense vigor and adrenaline. A space within the space, in which earth and air are combined in a peculiar and unique way.


   Originally from Venezuela, Corina and Daniel  started dancing together in the year 2009, under the name Arte la Vid, performing for both art events and private and corporate events.


   Their duo is an expression of the lightness, beauty and sensuality of dance with the impact, challenge and power of the Circus arts. 


   When Corina and Daniel decided to start working together, Corina had been dancing professionally with the most prestigious Contemporary Dance companies in Venezuela, such as the National Dance Company Foundation and Taller de Danza de Caracas for the last 5 years.  Daniel had been studying and performing as a dancer and Circus artist for several years. Later he got the chance to reside in the Wuqiao Acrobatic Art School of Hebei, China where he specialized in aerial rope.  Corina and Daniel shared the passion for movement and decided to experiment together, learn from each other and create an act, both intimate and  daring. In a self-taught way, they devise their acrobatic shows.


    Ainara, with 10 years old has received training in arts and acrobatics directly from her parents, ever since she can remember. She is a happy and very talented flyer.

    The Acrofamily performs in Hong Kong and world wide, as a Duo or Trio for private and corporate events.